Traditional education. With a modern approach.

Offering 6–12th grade students a flexible, personalized education in a flipped, blended learning environment

Finally, a school developed for today’s learners!

Valor is founded by trailblazers with nearly two decades experience in online and blended charter school leadership. Offering a superior education in a blended learning environment, students at Valor receive unparalleled curriculum, flexibility and personal support.

Three-Tiered Instruction for a truly personalized learning experience

Personalized learning starts day one with Valor Prep. Each student is assessed to determine their academic level and requirements. Following a staff review, the student receives a customized plan, and placed into one of three instructional tier groups.


For students needing more individualized attention, the guided group provides on-site teacher-led learning five days a week for 3.5 hours, with the remaining daily hours completed at home online. As students show academic success, they gradually move to the next tier.


Within the Support Instruction, students receive in-person teacher-led learning two days a week for 3.5 hours, with the remaining daily hours completed at home online. After showing progress, students can choose to move to the next tier.


Students who graduate to this tier have the freedom to complete coursework in the environment of their choosing after check-in. These students will still benefit from structured teacher-led facilitated learning one day a week for 3.5 hours.



Meeting student needs with a blended Flipped Classroom

At Valor, teachers become facilitators of student learning through group and individual tiered instruction. Students learn individually with award-winning digital curriculum that provides teachers crucial data to determine areas of focus, resulting in a dynamic, interactive group learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.


  • Small class sizes. Teacher-student ratio does not exceed 1:25
  • Award-winning digital curriculum designed to engage students
  • Individual instruction from highly qualified teachers
  • Flipped classroom to promote dynamic group learning
  • Flexible and structured independent study


  • Students who are credit deficient
  • Students who want an innovative education that combines the best of digital and face-to-face learning led by highly qualified and caring teachers
  • Students who benefit from a personalized learning experience where they receive individual and group instruction based on their specific needs
  • Students who need a flexible learning model to fit their unique circumstances


  • State-of-the-art from the ground up
  • Open workspaces and modular furniture to facilitate collaboration
  • Highly qualified teachers on site
  • Secured entrance
Valor Preparatory Academy


Valor Preparatory Academy’s mission is to provide every student—no matter their learning needs or academic background—an educational experience that values a blended approach, using teacher facilitated instruction, digital curriculum and technology to develop college and career ready citizens into contributing members of the community who excel in collaboration and critical thinking while demonstrating mastery of state and national standards.


Valor Preparatory Academy’s vision is to create, develop, and empower today’s digital citizens to become responsible, contributing community members by preparing them to be college- and career-ready for the 21st century workforce.