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An update on our Arizona school building

By September 6, 2019September 9th, 2019Uncategorized

We are incredibly excited to announce Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona’s school building is set to be finished late October! This building is meant to be state-of-the art, designed for today’s learners. Here’s what it will have for our students:

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Secured facility for the protection of its students
Highly mobile furniture to encourage group learning in all forms
Includes computers for each student to study
Open classroom concept
Small class sizes of 1:25
Digital curriculum coupled with highly qualified teachers

Since it broke ground in late May, the building has made great progress. We will be posting more pictures as we receive them from our principal.

Building Progress

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A little more about Valor:

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Tuition free
Public charter school (with the quality of a private school)
Blended, flipped classroom
Ability to study in person and from home
Personalized learning tracks based on student’s progress and needs


Interested in Valor Prep of Arizona? Get more information here:

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